Everything for Art (EN Edition of “Alles für die Kunst”)

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Are you an artist? Are you interested in studying art? Do you want to know what drives the art market? Or simply how to become successful as an artist? From the first-hand experience of a world-renowned star of the art scene (N.N.), this book will give you a deep insight into the art world and show you how to approach your art and career professionally and thereby become successful.
The two authors sat down with a superstar in the art world and asked for advice and personal insights into the art system. From these conversations, supplemented by further input from artist friends, gallery owners, collectors and curators, as well as the authors’ own rich experiences in the art world, this book was written.
It is the first book that accurately analyzes the art system from the inside out and provides all the necessary knowledge for an artist’s career in a clearly structured way.
Whoever writes a book today is faced with the question: How do I formulate it in a gender-appropriate way? That’s what happened to us. Unfortunately. The German language is currently in a state of upheaval and, from our point of view, an optimal solution has not yet been found. Far be it from us to analyze or even stir up the gender problem of language with our book in addition to the art system. Nevertheless, we do not want to miss the opportunity to point out that this problem must be taken seriously. For us, our chosen approach is clearly in the tradition of political art. It does not solve the problems, but it points them out. And as usual with works of art, in the end it’s a matter of taste whether you like it or not.
“If Mark Rothko’s painting is misinterpreted, it is not because of Rothko, but because of the viewer’s unwillingness to want to understand it.” – Quote N.N.
The dear reader may decide for himself/herself which version he/she would like to read.
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