Everything for Art (EN Edition of «Alles für die Kunst»)

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Are you an artist? Are you interested in studying art? Do you want to know what drives the art market? Or simply how to become successful as an artist?
Artists such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Banksy have completely seen through the art system and play with it like a virtuoso plays a piano. Although their work regularly stimulates the current art discourse, they do not share the secrets of their success with young – and sometimes perplexed or frustrated – artists. Isn’t it astonishing that there is still no standard work for artists? Instead, there are a few how-to books that do a poor job of motivating artists to keep going. It’s as if they’re cheering on a group of soccer players who don’t even know the rules of the game. The main thing is that the fans are yelling.
And this is where the book “Everything for Art” comes into play: The two authors got together with a world-famous artist and asked for some advice. From these conversations – supplemented with input from fellow artists, gallery owners, collectors, and curators, as well as their own rich experiences in the art world – this book was written.
It’s not a conventional how-to manual, because it doesn’t try to motivate as many people as possible and make them happy. But neither is it a classic textbook that regurgitates existing knowledge. Rather, it is a pioneering work, written from the active artist’s perspective of an insider. It is written with the aim of providing the reader with an overview of the current art system that is as comprehensible, structured, and objective as possible. It tries to be helpful and practical without ignoring the fact that success eludes many artists not because of a lack of talent but because of a lack of compatibility with the current art system.
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