Payment in instalments

Since a work of art is usually unique, it can quickly cost a lot of money. In order to make it easier for our customers to buy more expensive works of art, we have decided to offer the possibility of payment by instalments.

Monthly instalments

2 - 4

Interest rate

0 %


1st rate

How does payment by instalments work at NOA?

We will send you the artwork immediately after payment of the first instalment. From this moment on it is in your possession. The invoices for the other instalments will also be sent to you immediately after the sale and you can settle them according to the payment deadline.

What is the minimum work price for instalment payments?

In principle, we grant payment by instalments from a work price of CHF 1'000.- However, if you would like to buy a more favourable work by instalment, you are welcome to contact us at

How is the artwork delivered?

We can either bring the artwork to you personally or send it to you by post.

What happens if I cannot pay an instalment?

As with every invoice, there is a predefined payment deadline. If you miss this deadline, we will send you a first payment reminder. After sending the second reminder, we unfortunately have to forward your bill to a debt collection administrator. In the worst case, you risk a debt collection. If you are in a financial emergency, please contact us at, we will always find a good solution.

Can I share the instalments with another person?

Sure, you can give us the separate billing addresses and we'll split the rates.