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Simon Berger - "Morphogenesis" New exhibition at BVGer in St. Gallen

Network of Arts AG

Published Wed, Mar 29, 2023 04:49 EDT

LUZERN, SWITZERLAND / AGILITYPR.NEWS / March 29, 2023 / From April 3 to 28, 2023, Swiss artist Simon Berger will make a guest appearance at the Federal Administrative Court in St. Gallen with an impressive glass sculpture. Simon Berger gained international attention with his glass portraits in recent years. This marks the start of the new season for the Art Commission.

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Simon Berger, "Morphogenesis", Sculpturegarden Biennale Geneve, 2022, photo credit: Oliver Kümmerli, NOA

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Luzerner Zeitung, November 16, 2022

"It's not enough to have talent": This is how a Lucerne agency wants to help artists succeed

The young art agency Network of Arts is based in Lucerne. The team claims to be doing pioneering work.

The art agency Network of Arts has existed in Lucerne since 2017: first as an association, and since January 2019 as an AG. The agency describes its business model as unique. We wanted to know more about what lies behind this art agency and its business model and spoke with Aniko Koltai from the management.

Luzerner Anzeiger, December 13, 2022

"What used to be true for models and actors now exists in the art world as well"

The business idea works simply: artists from all over Switzerland can apply to the agency. If the agency recognizes sufficient potential, they are accepted and supported in their career planning. "Because of our contacts in the art world, we can network our protégés with galleries, museums and collections and help them to get exhibitions. We look very individually at what suits each artist and what they personally want to achieve." Unlike galleries, he says, the agency is not out to keep an artist in one place for as long as possible, but wants to encourage him or her in their own development.

Lucerne Review, 23 February 2022

The Year of Sight

The four group exhibitions of Network of Arts in 2022 run under the motto "The Year of Sight". The first exhibition in this series is dedicated to the multi-faceted theme of "Clarity". A wide variety of questions are raised by this major theme, dealing with both concrete and abstract concepts. What do we see and recognise, and what perhaps remains hidden? What different points of view and perspectives can we take? Or how do we keep a clear view in external, chaotic circumstances?

HSLU, 15 November 2021

Video portrait Network of Arts (NoA)

After months, many companies still don't know what to hang on their walls. Network of Arts (NoA) wants to make art an everyday experience so that everyone can become an art  lover. The focus is on promoting artists. Find out exactly how NoA does this and how Smart-up supported them in the start-up phase in this video portrait.

FH Inline, August 2021

Interview with our CEO Florian Paul Koenig

Florian Paul Koenig discovered a niche while studying Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences. Today, he and his agency bring together artists and collectors to build long-term communities. He sees a lot of untapped potential in the art market.

In an interview with editorial director Guy Studer, our co-founder and CEO provides insights into the work of NOA and our further development.

Central Plus, 21 February 2018

Lucerne start-up pairs artists with SMEs

After months, many companies still don't know what to hang on their walls. An Ikea picture doesn't make a good impression, the accountant only takes good pictures sometimes and art is expensive. A young Lucerne start-up has the solution for all empty company walls and for independent artists.