About NoA

We are an internationally active art agency for contemporary art.

Our history 

"Giving art a platform, building bridges and reaching a new audience." This is the basic idea of the company "Network of Arts" founded in 2017 by Florian Rieder, Florian Paul König and Christian Klauenbösch. Since then, the company has grown and developed rapidly. For example, the number of people in our core team has doubled and we have been able to establish a leading position in the art market.

Our mission & vision - What we stand for & what we want to achieve

We are an internationally active art agency for contemporary art. Our team discovers new artists, trains and promotes them, gets them into galleries and manages their entire careers. We work closely with galleries, collectors and institutions. Depending on the needs of the artist, we offer different support and take on the appropriate role. Our cooperation with the artists is divided into three phases: Managed artists, Promoted artists and New Talent. We act as a management team for selected artists and actively plan the further development of their careers. Selected artists, in which we see great potential, are included in the category of promoted artists . In addition to our managed and supported artists , we are always on the lookout for new talent. They are recommended to us by galleries, artists, collectors, curators or directly by universities.

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Our core team

Florian Paul Koenig


Co - Founder

Member of the Executive Board

President of the Board of Directors


Florian Paul König founded Network of Arts together with Florian Rieder and Christian Klauenbösch in 2017. As the creative head of the trio, he had a lasting influence on NOA. At the beginning, Florian was an all-rounder at NOA, but has since specialised in the artistic direction and management of our artists. In his role as lead artist manager, he can be found at the most important art fairs in the world, where he establishes international contacts in order to advance the careers of NOA’s artists. Florian’s open and communicative nature, as well as his own experience as an artist, help him in this role. From 2013 to 2016, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the art academies in Lucerne and Chongqing, and in Beijing he completed an artist residency at Galerie Urs Meile. Florian obtained his Master’s in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts, completing research posts in Singapore and Hong Kong. In the midst of his studies, he laid the building blocks for the creation of NOA and his enthusiasm for the company as well as the art world remains palpable to this day.

Anikó Koltai


Member of the Executive Board


Anikó is a versatile, exciting personality. During almost 20 years in tourism marketing, she explored the world on numerous trips. Then she decided to take a new path and, true to her motto "Life is too short not to do what you want to!", she didn't shy away from a change of industry into the art market. In 2021, she completed her Fine Arts Bachelor's degree at the "Hochschule Luzern". Something like this takes courage, just like her hobby: Anikó is often out in the skies as a paraglider pilot!

With her can-do attitude and creative spirit, we are always impressed by her diligence and initiative. Anikó thinks outside the box and can adapt quickly to changes - lateral entrant or not!

Vivienne Heinzelmann

Curation and Artist Management


Vivienne has been a key part of Network of Arts since February 2021. Our young curator was born in Austin - Texas, grew up in Japan and Switzerland. Vivienne Heinzelmann brings not only a cosmopolitan view and international flair to NOA, but also academic art historical expertise. With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Basel, she laid the theoretical foundation, which she has been applying in the context of publication contributions since February 2021. In addition, she works in the field of artist relations and as a curator for NOA. 

This includes, among other things, the conception and curation of Network of Arts exhibitions, such as "Clarity" and "Perspectives". In addition, she curated the exhibition for the SSBL for the first time in May 2022. 

Since April 2022, Vivienne has taken on several mandates in artist management. As manager of artists she supports them in building their careers and networking in the art world. Her broad knowledge of the arts, her open and emphatic manner are the perfect mix here.  

Art dominates Vivienne's life not only in her education and her everyday work, but also in her free time. You can find her at all kinds of art events, fairs and lectures. So she is dedicated to art through and through! 

Lisa Strub

NOA Publishing

Graphic Design & Publications


An aesthetic appearance is part of an art agency. Fortunately, Lisa Strub joined our NOA team in April 2021. Since then, she has been delighting not only the NOA team but also various external clients with her graphic talent. Her clear and striking graphic designs can be found on flyers, logos, NOA's corporate identity and other visual output. Lisa's trained eyes always ensure a coherent overall visual impression.

In addition to creating the visual output, Lisa is also responsible for the planning and realisation of NOA Publishing's artist publications. Lisa approaches each publication individually with dedication and considers which creative means suit the respective artist and their works. In this way, through her layout, she puts the works in the best light and creates a coherent viewing experience. Thanks to her inexhaustible know-how in the field of letterpress printing, Lisa is the optimal leader of the publishing projects. Many more to come - you can look forward to it!

In addition to her graphic commissions and publication work for NOA, Lisa also takes on the organisation of outreach at the Museum WOW! in Zurich. Thanks to her organisational talent, her cool head and her constant thinking, Lisa supports the entire team with her manner.

Franciska Coric

Social Media


Franciska is our social media expert and therefore responsible for our Instagram and Facebook account. With her open and creative manner, she enables Network of Arts to have a successful social media presence. Her diverse activities include creating new posts for Instagram and Facebook, editing videos, photographing current exhibitions and events, and is complemented by all communication with our followers. In addition, Franciska helps manage the personal Instagram accounts of our artists. 

With her helpful personality and solution-oriented attitude, Franciska is not only active on our social media accounts, but also takes on a wide range of tasks, from research to managing participants at our openings. In addition to her work at Network of Arts, she is studying social and communication sciences at the University of Lucerne and skilfully applies the knowledge she has acquired there to her everyday work. 

In her free time, Franciska focuses on the traditions of her home country and practices Croatian folk dance. But her enthusiasm for social media can also be found in her free time, and she voluntarily manages the Instagram account of the Croatian Culture and Dance Association in Solothurn.

Anna-Lena Jahn

Artist Relations, Events & Assistant CEO


Anna-Lena is our sunshine and busy bee, who brings structure and organisation to our company with her cheerful nature. In her assistant role, she keeps track of all our projects, activities and news - as our "NOA encyclopaedia", she is always the first person we contact with questions. Her strength is not only on the organisational level, but she also shines through her high level of commitment, know-how and customer orientation as part of the Artist Relations team. She is the "go-to" person for all of our artists and builds a close relationship with the artists and our network through her open, communicative and competent personality. You don't have to tell her anything twice - because as soon as an order is on paper, she has it done in the shortest possible time and in the highest quality.

In addition to her work at Network of Arts, she is studying for a Master's degree in Religion and Economics at the University of Zurich. She thus brings inspiring and exciting impulses to the team. With a philosophical, socio-political angle, she brings a breath of fresh air to our company.

As if that isn't enough: Anna-Lena is also a dancer. She specialises in contemporary dance and regularly performs all over Switzerland. Anna-Lena delights and inspires from all sides.

Jessica Tinnacher

Marketing, PR and Business Development


Jessica is our biggest motivator in the team with her "can do" attitude. For her, no job is too much or too hard. Jessica is a doer - and this with the highest quality. Our communicative Jessica is responsible for marketing, PR and business development at NOA. For example, she is in charge of the great website you are currently visiting, and she also edits and designs it. Jessica is also responsible for all communication tools such as PR or newsletters. If that wasn't enough, Jessica is also always willing to support the team outside of her area of expertise.

In her private life, Jessica can be found in a museum or gallery every free minute. Professionally, Jessica also worked in consulting for many years. She can use this experience in her business development activities at NOA and always brings strategic perspectives into play.

Melissa Jetzer

Photo Credit: Tatjana Rüegsegger

Melissa studied art history at the University of Zurich. She is our youngest curator, but her commitment is second to none! Among other things, she is involved with the hip art venue "TART" in Zurich, but also with the "Haus zur Ameise" in St. Gallen, where she is involved in the young art scene. Before that, she worked for six months at the "Kunst Halle St. Gallen".

In her spare time, she can be found in all kinds of art museums, often equipped with a large camera. Or you simply don't see her, in which case she is probably exploring the art museums of other European cities.

Oliver Kümmerli



Oliver is our photographer. His strength lies in the representation of artworks, whether photographic or graphic. He travels from exhibition to vernissages to studios to document artistic practices or finished works. Our artists as well as NOA benefits from his longstanding passion in photography, as he has acquired his own visual language, which is expressed through clean and precise aesthetics. In addition to creating photographic output, Oliver also handles portfolio design for NOA's artists . 

Oliver shines not only through the quality of his photographic work, but also through his open, cheerful, reliable and always helpful personality. 

In addition to his work at Network of Arts, he studies Fine Arts in the Bachelor at the ZHdK and is engaged in his own practice with the interface between photography and installation. Also in his spare time Oliver does not leave the art world. He is a founding member of the Something Collective, which is actively engaged in providing a platform for young artists. Besides his busy schedule, you can always meet Oliver at art festivals or museums.  












Erwin Fonseca



Co - founders

Florian Rieder

Member of the Executive Board

Co - Founder

Member of the Board of Directors

Christian Klauenbösch

Software Engineering

Co - Founder

Member of the Board of Directors


René Meile

Galerie Urs Meile 

Marta Kwiatkowski

Head of Social Engagement at Swiss Mobiliar

Nina Neuhaus

ETH Zurich - Foundation