About us

We are an internationally active art agency for contemporary art.

"Giving art a platform, building bridges and reaching a new audience." This is the basic idea of the company "Network of Arts" founded in 2017 by Florian Rieder, Florian Paul König and Christian Klauenbösch. Since then, the company has grown and developed rapidly. For example, the number of people in our core team has doubled and we have been able to establish a leading position in the art market.

We are an international art agency for contemporary art. Our team discovers new artists, trains and promotes them, brings them to galleries and manages their entire career. We work closely with galleries, collections and institutions. Depending on the need of the artist, we offer different support and take the appropriate role in each case. Our collaboration with the artists is divided into three phases: Managed artists, Funded artists , and New Talent. We act as a management team for selected artists and actively plan the advancement of their careers. Selected artists, in whom we see great potential, are included in the category of promoted artists . Besides our managed and promoted artists we are always looking for new talents. They are recommended to us by galleries, artists, collectors, curators or directly by universities.


Florian Paul Koenig


Co - Founder

Member of the Executive Board

President of the Board of Directors


Florian is a co-founder of NOA and has built up the art agency from 2017. He has been active in the art market for almost a decade and has participated in diverse, international exhibitions and art projects. In all these years, he has been able to gain the trust of important partners and has thus networked and positioned NOA in the global art market. As Managing Director he drives the development of NOA and is responsible for the collaboration and strategic development of our artists. For this purpose Florian travels to the most important art fairs in the world from Hong Kong to Miami. 

Florian graduated with a bachelor's degree in art from the Lucerne School of Art & Design (CH) and the University of Chongqing (CHN). In Beijing (CHN), he completed an artist residency at the Urs Meile Gallery. During his master studies at the University of the Arts in Zurich, he founded NOA. Having worked as an artist himself for several years, Florian knows the hurdles contemporary artists faces and also how to overcome them. 

Anikó Koltai


Member of the Executive Board

Member of the Board of Directors


Anikó joined NOA in January 2019, built the art agency together with Florian and is now part of the management team. She works purposefully and strategically towards perfecting NOA's business model and delivering on our promise to promote contemporary artists . She takes responsibility in essential areas of the art agency. With many years of experience in marketing in large and small companies, she brings skill in management and strategic planning to NOA. 

Anikó is an artist herself and thus has a deep understanding of the work of contemporary artists. She completed the preliminary course at the Zurich University of the Arts and subsequently graduated from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. As a dual Hungarian-Swiss citizen, she completed a bachelor's degree in economics with a focus on tourism early in her career in Hungary.  

Vivienne Heinzelmann

Curation and Artist Management


Vivienne is an art historian and curator who joined NOA in February 2021. She has curated several exhibitions at NOA's premises, as well as various projects for our partners in Switzerland. With her academic expertise in art history, she is able to place contemporary art in the art market. In order to maintain contact with our international partners, Vivienne regularly attends art fairs and exhibitions and is thus always on the pulse of what is happening. She is responsible for our artists and supports them in their projects and exhibitions.  

Vivienne graduated summa cum laude from the University of Basel (CH) with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and English Language and Literature. During her studies she focused on contemporary art. She gained practical experience while working in various art institutions. Growing up in the USA, Japan and Switzerland awakened her early enthusiasm for the visual languages of different cultures. 

Pauline Meyer

Social Media, Team Assistant


Pauline has been with NOA since 2022. As a team assistant, she actively supports the management. She is also responsible for NOA's social media channels. As a digital native, she easily finds her way in the digital world and keeps track of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. Pauline has been into art since a young age and visits exhibitions as well as art fairs. With her experience in journalism as editor-in-chief of her university's student newspaper, she brings team spirit, fluency and PR skills to our agency. 

Pauline studies bilingual (DE/FR) law at the University of Fribourg (CH) with a focus on European law. She attended a course on contemporary art at the Art Academy London.  

Co - founders

Florian Rieder

Co - Founder

Member of the Board of Directors

Christian Klauenbösch

Co - Founder