In the globalized and networked art market, we help our artists find their way in cooperation with galleries, collections and institutions.

As a team partner, we represent their long-term interests and bring in our expertise, combined with our contacts to important players in the art industry in a targeted manner. We divide our collaboration and promotion of artists into three categories: Management, Promotion, Getting to know.

Managed artists

We act as management for selected artists and actively plan the further development of their careers. In collaboration with galleries, curators and art historians, we plan exhibitions, projects and publications of artists. Thanks to our commitment, our artists can concentrate on the development of their works.

Seline Burn, may be closer (I), Wilde Gallery, Basel
Seline Burn


lives and works in Basel, Switzerland

Seline Burn, born in 1995, is an artist living in Basel.
Her large-format paintings are fascinating not only because of the brushwork reminiscent of coloured pencil, but also because of the narrative representation of the motifs. Her Symbolist-influenced painting conjures suggestive images in which intimacy and radical strangeness are delicately balanced in a practice she sees as an ongoing personal diary. Seline Burn's paintings were presented in her first solo exhibition at Eve Leibe Gallery London 2022 in May. Burn's paintings have also been selected for a group exhibition to be held in London in autumn 2022 as part of a collaboration between Delphian Gallery and Unit 1 Gallery Workshop.

Simon Berger, Shattering Beauty, Museo del Vetro, Murano
Simon Berger


lives and works in Niederönz, Switzerland

The contemporary glass artist Simon Berger speaks his own creative language by exploring the depth of his material, glass. Using a hammer, he creates unique works of art that play with transparency and reflect his fascination for faces. By destroying glass to create his images, he has invented a completely new technique and is a pioneer of broken glass art.·He has already been exhibited worldwide - names such as Bvlgari, Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Galerie Artstübli, Mazel Gallery Bruxelles or Art Miami are just a few on his list.

Tobias Gutmann, Tobias & Sai Bot, Art Collection of the Swiss Mobiliar, Bern
Tobias Gutmann


lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Tobias Gutmann, born in 1987 in Wewak, Papua New Guinea, completed his Master of Fine Arts in Storytelling in 2014 at the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and a Master in Fine Arts from the ZHdK in Zurich. After receiving his BA in Visual Communication in 2011, he lived in Tanzania for 8 months as part of a community service assignment. Today he lives and works as a freelance artist in Zurich or travels around the world with his project "Face-o-mat". Tobias Gutmann has developed his own language and meaning in the creation of his art. He experiments with different media such as drawings, illustrations, installations, performances, animations, publications and workshops. His works release narratives and include figurative, abstract forms.

Tobias has been nominated for the Swiss Design Awards 2022.

Emanuel Heim, Selection 22, Aargauer Kunsthaus
Emanuel Heim


lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Emanuel Heim, born in 1992 in Lenzburg, Switzerland, completed the preliminary design course at the Schule für Gestaltung Aarau, attended the specialist class for graphics, space and new media at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel and graduated from the specialist class for graphics in Lucerne. Heim moved to Berlin in 2017. After three residencies with the Palace Collective in Gorzanów, Poland and several group exhibitions in Berlin and with us in Lucerne, Emanuel Heim's first major solo exhibition took place at the Rüsselsheim Theatre. His preferred technique is oil painting. Photographed here by Tegwen Evans.

Fourwind, Private Collection
Micha Häni aka Vierwind


lives and works in Zollikofen, Switzerland

Born and raised in Bern in 1994, Micha Häni (Vierwind) did an apprenticeship as a 3D polydesigner after primary school. After the apprenticeship, he continued working as a freelancer in the profession. As a sideline, he started creating his own images and selling them. Since 2016 he is self-employed and works full time as a freelance artist. His skills are mainly shown in painting, graffiti and illustrations. He now exhibits his works all over the world.

Patric Sandri, Untitled, Helmhaus Zurich
Patric Sandri


lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Patric Sandri is concerned with abstract painting. The elements of the painting play a central role: the paint, the canvas, the stretcher. He makes these given components the subject of his work. He experiments and tests new possibilities to see how far he can explore the medium of painting with these limited tools. Besides geometry, perception and seeing play an essential role in his work. Errors and contradictions in perceptions are central moments that influence his pictorial ideas and compositions.

Supported artists

Selected artists, in which we see great potential, are included in the category of Supported artists. In turn, we see them as our managed artists for the future. We actively seek gallery presentations, exhibition opportunities and act as intermediaries in the sale of works.

Tiziano Autera, Perspectives, NOA Lucerne
Tiziano Autera


lives and works in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Tiziano Autera deals intensively with his environment. In this confrontation, he captures relevant, formative perspectives that he fundamentally and skillfully reshapes. New characters that he perceives in society flow into his creative process and create unexpected figurations through changes in gestures and facial expressions. The artist sensually proportions human physiology in such a way that his images of people always reflect their unique appearance. Through his cubist approaches, female and male physical features diffuse into a harmonious existence and lovely commonality.
His interpretations of human individuality are characterized by colors and patterns that show our different realities.

Piet Baumgartner, Trottinett Ballet, Theater Neumarkt
Piet Baumgartner


lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Piet Baumgartner is a visual artist and director. He works transdisciplinarily in film, visual arts and theatre. He worked as a journalist before completing an MA in film directing at the Zurich University of the Arts and later the "Drehbuchwerkstatt München". This was followed by training with Andrej Wajda in Warsaw and assistant role with Frank Castorf and Rene Pollesch at the Schauspielhaus Zurich. Piet Baumgartner works both independently and collectively with Rio Wolta and has received numerous international awards. He lives in Zurich and lectures at the F+F School of Art and Design.

Jakup Ferri, The Monumentality of the Everyday, Pavilion of Kosovo, La Biennale di Venezia
Jakup Ferri


lives and works in Prishtina, Kosovo & Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jakup Ferri is a contemporary artist and professor at the Art Academy of Prishtina and guest advisor at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He studied at the Art Academy of Prishtina and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. In 2006, he received the prestigious prize Art Prize of Europe's Future from the Society for Contemporary Art (GfZK) Leipzig. In 2008 he received the Buning Brongers Award in Amsterdam and in 2003 the Muslim Mulliqi Prize and the Artists of Tomorrow Award. 2020 Gjelosh Gjokaj Prize.

He has been artist-in-residence at numerous places, including the International Studio and Curatorial Program New York, Kultur Kontakt Austria. In addition to private collections, his work is also part of the collection of the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. Ferris' works have been shown at numerous international exhibitions (solo and group) in museums and galleries, festivals and biennials, including the Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennale, Prague Biennale, Cetinje Biennale, Manifesta Biennale, Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Art, etc.

Miranda Fierz, Saturation, NOA Lucerne
Miranda Fierz


lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland

Miranda Fierz, born in Root in the canton of Lucerne, studied Art & Education (Bachelor) at the HSLU. She also completed the foundation art course ("Vorkurs") at the Farbmühle Luzern and the professional design baccalaureate. She has been working as a freelance artist since 2016. Her visual language moves in constant interaction between figurative, graphic and expressive modes of expression. The focus is on the human being in his daily confrontation with the environment. The colourfulness of her works is of great importance to her.

From April 28 to June 9, 2022, the customer hall of LUKB at Pilatusstrasse, Lucerne, was transformed into an art exhibition with works by Miranda Fierz & Brigitta Würsch. More information here.

Up next: Solo exhibition "IN RELATION", Zsuzsa's Gallery, Adligenswil / Lucerne.

Martina Morger, Lèche Vitrine, Manor Art Prize 2021, St. Gallen Art Museum
Martina Morger


lives and works in Balzers, Principality of Liechtenstein

Martina Morgan's artistic practice interweaves cybernetics and corporeality in situational installations and site-specific performances. The central questions she explores in this way deal with individual freedom in increasingly technological lifeworlds as well as ideas of power, desire, and care within a neoliberal society determined by work and performance. She repeatedly places a specific focus on the role of FLINTA and constructions of gender. Her works can be understood on the one hand
as positionings within the existing system and on the other hand as assertions against that very system: Martina actively occupies spaces and negotiates the effects of social constraints on our bodies through strategies of display and visualization. In this way, she creates queer drafts of a society whose central characteristics are hybridity and fluidity and thus assert themselves against the standardization efforts of our present.

Aramis Navarro, never odd or even, Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil
Aramis Navarro


lives and works in Switzerland

In the works of Aramis Navarro, the thematic focus is on the relationship between language and image. Questioning this system with the concept of counterpoint, the artist is interested in the moments when the usual harmony is disturbed. From these events the artist draws curiosity and ideas. Driven by an urge to explore, the artist works in multimedia with texts, installations and paintings that are marked by poetry, humor and narrative moments. The artist also deals with the representability of temporality, and its connection to language in his series of works "timestudies", in which he paints canvases, cuts together, creating a network of his works and of references. 

Aramis Navarro graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts from Zurich University of the Arts in 2021, and his first extensive institutional solo exhibition is on view at Alte Fabrik. 

Photo: Installation view Alte Fabrik, photo credit Stefan Altenburger

Benjamin Siegenthaler, Saturation, NOA Lucerne
Benjamin Siegenthaler


lives and works in Hemsedal, Norway

Benjamin Siegenthaler born 1979 in Horn, Austria, grew up in Switzerland surrounded by vast landscapes. As a young man, Benjamin moved to Zurich, where the view of the horizon is easily lost in the avalanche of distracting details of the city. His art also moves between two poles: between expansive installations and delicate paintings, between raw sculptures and witty collages. Currently, the artist continues his work in Hemsedal, Norway. Since training as a stone sculptor, he has always carried his sketchbook with him. This constant companion is filled with small, abstract drawings that capture how he sees the world. So then, his working process begins with flipping through the sketchbook to pull out nuggets of inspiration and let them become the themes of his creative vision.

Franziska Stünkel, Coexist, Leica Gallery, Wetzlar
Franziska Stünkel

lives and works in Hannover & Berlin, Germany

Franziska Stünkel is a global artist, film director and screenwriter. She studied fine arts at the University of Fine Arts Kassel. After her diploma she became a master student of Prof. Uwe Schrader.

Franziska Stünkel's photographs are shown in museums, art institutions and galleries. Awards for her photographic work include the Audi Art Award and the Berlin Hyp Art Award. In 2023, she was nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet. Her photography book Coexist has been published by Kehrer Verlag. Franziska Stünkel's photographs are represented in private and public collections, including the collection of the Sprengel Museum.

Franziska Stünkel's films have been screened at over 170 film festivals in 19 countries and have won several awards. Her current feature film as director and screenwriter is based on the life of Dr. Werner Teske, who was executed in the former GDR in 1981. Nahschuss, starring Lars Eidinger, was released in German cinemas in 2021. International theatrical releases followed in 2022/23. tiftung.

New artists

Gallery owners, collectors and curators very often recommend new artists to us for collaboration. At the beginning we always hold introductory talks to get to know the ambitions and expectations of the artist . Subsequently, we act as promoters, advisors and mediators.