Management of established artists

On behalf of established artists we work strategically on the further development of their careers and coordinate between the galleries, museums, institutions and partners involved.

Our philosophy

We are convinced that the artist can be happier and more successful with a smart and sustainable strategy. That's why we in Artist Management work very closely with our artists and plan future projects and development steps together. Thereby we always have the big career goal of the artist in mind.

Some activities

Coordination between the galleries

Expansion of the international gallery presentations

Acquisition of museum exhibitions

Strategic planning of price development

Detailed planning for exhibitions and projects

Budgeting and accounting

PR - Interviews & Articles

Network & Fairs

In order to be able to carry out our mediating activity, we are specialized in expanding our professional network and are present at many international art fairs.

New collaborations

Unfortunately we don't have any free resources at the moment to take on new artists artists. Nevertheless we are looking forward to get to know you.