Janik Bürgin

Janik Bürgin is one of our most successful artists. The artist is represented by Galerie Carzaniga and Galerie Urs Meile. He was present at the 2022 Art Basel several times. His own Porsche Art Car was released at the 2022 Villa Art Show.

We act as Janik Bürgin's manager.


Janik Bürgin, born 1994 in Basel, makes art from rubbish. He works with the medium of photography. The Swiss artist's starting point is always tangible, plastic objects, which are reduced to sensory colour and form properties due to the given close-up view and their associated blurriness. Janik Bürgin is currently represented by Galerie Carzaniga, Basel, and Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne and Beijing, and has been exhibited several times at Art Basel 2022.

Janik Bürgin exploits the medium of photography with a purposeful painterly endeavour: On the one hand, he engages with the traditional genres of painting and thus creates images of people, landscapes and situations that spring from his own lived reality. In this respect, Janik Bürgin plays with the boundaries of the visible and the medial possibilities of photography. The focus of his work is not photographic practice in the classical sense, but the creation of images and a reality associated with them.

Work excerpt

K-S 175, 2021, 175 x 150cm, unique piece, print
K-S Blue 6, 2021, 175 x 150cm, unique piece, print


The furniture

Solo exhibition "Art & Sustainability in Nyon - Janik Bürgin".

Curated by Ismene Wyss and Gabriela Gonzalez

November 7, 2022 until March 17, 2023

Art gallery palazzo

Group exhibition, Regionale 23

November 26 2022 - January 8 2023

Galerie Carzaniga

Janik Bürgin, Niklaus Stöcklin, Eveline Turria, Galerie Carzaniga, Basel, Switzerland

17 March - 30 April 2022

Art Genève, Urs Meile Gallery

3 - 6 March 2022

Group exhibition for the nomination of the André Evard Prize

Messmer Art Gallery, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

4 December 2021 - 27 February 2022

Photography in dialogue

Group exhibition - Janik Bürgin and Roselyne Titaud

Gallery Alex Schlesinger, Zurich, Switzerland

14 January - 12 February 2022

Art Basel, Basel 2021 - Carzaniga Gallery
Villa Art Show, Basel 2021 - Carzaniga Gallery
Art Basel, Basel 2022 - Carzaniga Gallery
Art Basel, Basel 2022 - Gallery Urs Meile
Porsche Art Car Villa Art Show 2022 - Carzaniga Gallery
Janik Bürgin's Porsche Art Car 2022


Publication - Janik Bürgin - K-S 2020/2021, HOLD ON


Bz Basel, 23.09.2021

For the two young artists from the Basel region, a dream comes true: the Galerie Carzaniga presents their works at Art Basel.

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