Development model

We usually find artists at the beginning of their career and plan the individual development steps together with them. Often artists are recommended to us by galleries, other artists or curators. After an initial discussion, our development model is divided into three phases.


After an initial interview, our team decides whether we would like to include an artist in our "pool" of new talent. As soon as this is done, the first works are published online and the artist is presented in our network. Often this is followed by a participation in an exhibition at our location in Lucerne to gain first experiences. In this phase we invest time in training and mentoring the artist. Through discussions and workshops the artist develops a feeling for the art business.


If the initial talks and exhibitions are successful, our team decides whether to include the artist in the shortlist of our supported artists. In the development phase, we invest a lot of time and resources in strategy development together with the artist. At this point, we already have a strong belief in the artist's potential and actively recommend her to galleries, curators and institutions. In the development phase, we also increasingly act as an intermediary for the sale of works.


As soon as galleries and important exhibitions could be found, we take over the management of the artist. Our main task is strategy planning and implementation, linking to other galleries, collections and institutions. We take over many tasks for the artist in the background, so that the artist can concentrate on the production of her works. In this phase we work very closely with the galleries that represent the artist.